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Containers are often used as enclosing or packaging for transport of power generators and other electrical devices. Depending on needs and intended use, the container may have permanent foundations and be equipped in supply place, or be a fully mobile packaging intended for transportation from one place to another.

Containers have thermal insulation, shutters for air intake and outlets and possible culverts for electrical, exhaust gas conduits and other.

If the container is intended for permanent enclosing or maximum floor load does not exceed 5 000kg, we propose a container made from sandwich panels. If the container needs to be mobile and the weight of devices placed inside the container exceeds 5 tons, a standard sea container needs to be used as a basis.

for aggregates enclosing

Technical Data

Containers for enclosing power generators or other electrical devices are usually made upon individual customer's request. For selection of an appropriate container type you should make your requirements more precise, such as::

  • container dimensions
  • weight of devices inside container
  • parameters for thermal and acoustic insulation (if required)
  • mobility (stationary or mobile)
  • number and size of technological holes (shutters, culverts).

Container sizes are based upon standard ISO containers (10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft) and in the case of stationary containers or containers intended for light encasing, we propose containers from sandwich panels with maximum size of 8,000 mm in length, 3,000 mm in width and 3,400 mm in height. If width and/or height exceeds 3 m please contact our sales department for possibilities of making such containers.