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ISO sea containers usually are of 3 typical sizes – ISO 10', ISO 20' and ISO 40' (length of 3, 6, and 12 meters respectively). Apart of standard height of 2.59 m, higher containers, the so-called HC (High Cube) with 2.9 m height, are also available.

Sea containers are intended for general cargo transport, but they are also suitable for warehousing. They have grips to fix the load and their floor is line with water-resistant and durable plywood 28 mm thick. Depending on type loading capacity of such containers varies between 9 and 29 tons.

Apart from warehousing these containers may be used as a basis for further expansion. We perform all the necessary modifications allowing for sea containers and technical containers to be incorporated in various systems (aggregates, pumps, compressors), mobile workshops, warehouses and tool rooms. More information available under tab specialized container.

ISO 20 container
iso container
iso container
iso container

Technical Data

Basic technical specification of ISO series containers can be found in the table below.

Container type10'DV20'DV40'DV40'HC
external dimensionslength (mm)299160581219212192
width (mm)2438243824382438
height (mm)2591259125912896
internal dimensionslength (mm)284057581203212032
width (mm)2352235223522352
height (mm)2385238523852698
volume m31633,267,776,4
container tare weight (kg)1280200033803550
maximum load capacity (kg)8880284802710026930

Note: specific measurements can vary slightly with respect to those provided in the table depending on container series.

Side-door 20' container

Side-door 20' container has additional doors on the whole side wall allowing for loading large and heavy elements.


Double-door 20' container

Double-door 20' container has two doors at both short walls allowing for loading large goods.


Container rental

We rent containers for warehousing purposes. Please have a look at details in rental department.