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KM-type warehousing containers are a smaller and cheaper alternative to sea containers. Compared to ISO containers they are characterized by lighter structure and standard corrosion protection. Thanks to small sizes they can be easily transported and placed in limited spaces.

Specifically adjusted sizes allow for transporting a smaller container inside a larger one thus minimizing supply costs when ordering a couple of containers of various types.

KM10 storage container

Technical Data

Basic technical specification of KM-type containers can be found in the table below.

Type of containerKM10KM08
external diemensionslength (mm)29912438
width (mm)24382200
height (mm)25912260
internal dimensionslength (mm)28312275
width (mm)23442106
height (mm)23762050
volume m315,769,82
container tare weight (kg)825630
maximum load capacity (kg)65003500




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