Modular buildings

  • Office containers
  • Trade Containers
  • Modular Home Containers
  • Modular buildings
  • Changing Rooms
  • Sanitary Containers
  • Gatehouses

Thanks to the possibility of joining containers into sets, we may achieve office space of any size. Both room layout and equipment configurations can be agreed upon in line with your individual needs. Equipment list include among others the following items::

  • windows of any size, optionally with outdoor or indoor roller blinds
  • steel or glazed main doors
  • air-conditioning
  • sanitary equipment
  • simple furniture
  • outdoor or indoor stairs
  • decorative attic or additional tropical roofing, penthouse or gable roof
Office backup facilities

Example Project

Please have a look at an example office back-up facilities with surface area of 100 m2. The facilities consist of 7 office containers including the following rooms:

  • two office rooms
  • conference room
  • kitchen/dining room with a sink
  • ladies and gents WC

The design features walls made from sandwich panels with 100 mm insulation, widows with external roller blinds and industrial PVC fitted carpets. Detailed information and measures can be found in Downloads available at the bottom of this page.

modular buildings
modular buildings section

Technical Data


External dimensions

Standard size of a single containers is 6 m x 2.4 m. Maximum possible size is 8 m x 3 m.
Larger surfaces are achieved by joining modules into sets.


Wall structure

Version 1 – sandwich panel. Internal layer is made of a smooth galvanized sheet.
Version 2 – corrugated sheet or elevation panel. Internal side of the wall is made of laminated plate.



Container walls may be insulated with Styrofoam or mineral wool of 75, 100 or 150 mm, or with 80 or 100 mm polyurethane.
Floor and roof have insulation of 120 and 130 mm respectively.


Floor / fitted carpet

Industrial fitted carpet of class 34/43, laid on OSB or on water-resistant fibre cement panel.


Additional equipment possible

Possibility of any container and equipment configuration e.g. sanitary back-up facilities, kitchen annex, air-conditioning etc.


Electrical equipment

Electrical system, lightning, electrical radiators, electrical water heater (boiler)..



Set of 7 office containers KP100 312.19 KB