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Specialized containers find their applications in various industries. One of the possible applications consists of an insulated floorless containers used for pumping station construction.

Resignation of the original floor and placing the container on previously prepared subsoil provides the following advantages:

  • possibility of enclosing very large and heavy system which would be difficult to carry into a container
  • eliminating container floor load-bearing capacity limitation i.e. 200 kg/m2 for a typical container
  • previously prepared concrete floor is much more resistant to humidity, vibrations and mechanical damage than original container floor
Containers for pumping station

It is possible to equip the container in many additional elements allowing to adapt it to a concrete project such as:

  • intakes, outlets, ventilation grids
  • exhaust fans
  • culverts in walls
  • assembly of revision doors
  • making non-standard electrical installation
conainer for pumping station

Example project

Have a look at an example container project for pumping station.

The container has no floor and it needs to be placed on previously prepared subsoil. Container walls are made of sandwich panels. Air intake has been assemble at one of the walls, and an exhaust fan at the opposite one. Detailed container drawing is available at the bottom of the page in "Download" section.

container for pumping station

Technical Data

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

External dimensions

Standard size of a single containers is 6 m x 2.4 m. Maximum possible size is 8 m x 3 m. For atypical sizes please contact our Sales Department..

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

Wall structure

Walls are made of sandwich panels which makes it easy to make culverts and assemble additional exposed equipment.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych


Container walls may be insulated with Styrofoam or mineral wool of 75, 100 or 150 mm, or with 80 or 100 mm polyurethane.
Floor and roof have insulation of 120 and 130 mm respectively.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych


Floorless container is put on a subsoil prepared by the ordering party.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

Additional equipment possible

Possibility of assembling intakes, outlets, ventilation grids, culverts in walls, revision doors etc.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

Electrical equipment

Electrical installation, lighting, electrical heaters, exhaust fans, additional three-phase sockets etc.



Technical container without floor 211.63 KB