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Warehouse containers with floor drainage are intended for storing materials and substances for which it is necessary to maximally limit negative consequences of possible spillage.

Containers of this type are used to store bins, barrels with paints, oils, fuel etc. In the case of spillage of the stored materials container floor is not contaminated as the spilled liquid makes it to a spillage container through a galvanized rate where it is possible to collect it and remove it quickly. Spillage containers are tightly welded thus allowing for avoiding contamination of the area under the container.

Storage container with drainage floor

Technical Data

We offer containers with standard ISO sizes – 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft/ Containers may additionally feature insulation, electrical installation, ventilation and heating.

Basic parameters of containers in various finish variants have been represented in the table below.

dimensions10ft (2991x2438x2591mm)20ft (6058x2438x2591mm)40ft (12192x2438x2591mm)
insulationnonestyrofoammineral wool
electrical systemnonestandardexplosion protection EX
ventilationgravitationalelectricalelectrical EX
heatingnonestandardexplosion protection EX




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