Technical for enclosing electrical equipment

  • Container pumping stations
  • Technical for enclosing electrical equipment
  • Container generator
  • For storage of hazardous waste

Technical containers may be used for enclosing specialized electrical equipment and creation of mobile or stationary server rooms.

Containers of this type are equipped in various elements necessary for correct operation of devices installed in them:

  • cable culverts in floors and walls
  • air intakes and outlets
  • exhaust fans
  • air-conditioning
  • floor reinforcement e.g. for electrical cabinets.

Other modifications are also possible as well as assembly of non-standard elements. For detailed possibilities of performing such works please contact our Sales Department.

Technical container for enclosing electrical equipment

Technical Data

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

External dimensions

Standard size of a single containers is 6 m x 2.4 m. Maximum possible size is 8 m x 3 m.
Please contact our Sales Department if larger container is required.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

Wall structure

Walls are made of sandwich panels which makes it easy to make culverts and assemble additional exposed equipment.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych


Container walls may be insulated with Styrofoam of 75, 100 or 150 mm, or with 80 or 100 mm polyurethane.
Floor and roof have insulation of 120 and 130 mm respectively.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

Floor / fitted carpet

Standard floor finish is industrial fitted carpet of class 34/43, laid on OSB. Allowable load 200 kg/m2.
Upon special request we may increase allowable container floor load, make cable culverts in the floor or propose a floor made from smooth or riffled sheets.

zaplecze kontenerów biurowych

Electrical equipment

Electrical installation, lighting, electrical heaters, exhaust fans, air-condition etc.